March 17, 2021

Time and time again, we are informed about the importance of sunscreen to prevent wrinkles, aging, sun spots, and even cancer. However, has anyone ever told you that applying sunscreen once is only half the battle? To reap the full benefits of SPF, it is essential to reapply throughout the day since one simply does not cut it.  If you care about healthy skin, keep reading to unlock the reasons why sunscreen reapplication is crucial and how to maximize SPF’s benefits most effectively.

Why Is Sunscreen Reapplication Necessary?

Although taking the time to reapply sunscreen might sound like a hassle, the 10 seconds it takes can save years off your aging skin cycle. It comes down to how much you care about the elasticity of your skin- It is true that all skincare sunscreen products contain some sort of UV protection that will reflect the sun’s harmful UV ray and thus block the skin from being penetrated. Regardless of this protection, both chemical and mineral SPF sunscreens will naturally break down on your skin after a couple hours when they are exposed to direct sunlight. The sun breaks down all sunscreen actives over time. Physical, or mineral, blockers sit on top of the skin and don’t allow UVA or UVB rays from the sun to get into the skin. Because these types of blockers don’t enter the skin, they can wipe off more easily. Chemical sunscreens on the other hand soak into your skin cells and work to inactivate the UV rays from entering the skin. Moreover, chemical sunscreens become inactivated over time. Besides, the natural depletion of SPF, sweat and constant irritation only accelerate the process. As such, it’s important to reapply your sunscreen.

The next thing to note is that sunscreen should be worn both indoors and outdoors. Los Angeles certified Dermatologist Ava Shamban says, “Indoor UV exposure can occur from ultraviolet that penetrates through glass, which is UVA. UVA is emitted at the same level — all day long — where as UVB, which is blocked by glass peaks mid-day." Essentially this means that it is important to be protected no matter your location.

Sunscreen reapplication on cloudy days

How to Reapply?

So now that you know why reapplication is important, it is time to take the next step — knowing how you can effectively reapply your sunscreen. The most important thing is that you are getting adequate SPF protection, which is SPF 30 to 50. The way you reapply and what you use to reapply can be determined based on your personal preference and the situation you are in. Here are a few pointers when it comes to sunscreen reapplication.

If you are at the beach, make sure you are applying and reapplying both a face and body sunscreen. That being said, it is important to reapply every two hours, especially if you are taking occasional dips in the ocean. Lumasol’s SPF 50 engine pack will help protect your face from sunburns and aging. Not to mention, it is conveniently sized and fits in your pocket or bag, so it is easy to bring with you. Moreover, it is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. 

For everyday wear and sunscreen reapplication, we have to be more mindful about applying sunscreen in the first place. To add onto that,New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman recommends that ‘Sunscreen should be worn on all over the face, neck, hands and ears.”That is why for everyday sunscreen application, lumasol is the perfect vegan, cruelty-free solution. Luma Suncare’s lumasol is not only lightweight, non-greasy, and invisible, but it is also a fast-absorbing mist that can be applied on top of makeup at any point of the day. With smart engine tech integration, the hand held bottle changes colors when exposed to ultraviolet light, alerting you to apply. Just close your eyes, hold the bottle about eight to 10 inches away from your face and spritz about three to five times all over. With a quick spritz of lumasol every two hours, your skin will stay protected at all times of the day. 

lumasol single engine

Be Strategic About Timing and Protection

It is wise to take into consideration that the UV rays vary in strength depending on the UV rays of where you live. Ultraviolet rays are typically the strongest between 10A.M. to 4P.M., so you have to be the most cautious between those times. A tip is to check your local UV Index map to double check what times it is the safest for you to be outside. 

The second tip is that the magic number for SPF is 30.For instance, New York City board-certified dermatologist David Colbert says “The American Academy of Dermatology always recommends an SPF of 30, because it is clinically proven to be a sufficient amount of protection to reduce or minimize the adverse effects of sunlight." 

Tips and Tricks for Reapplication

No matter how often you hear the word reapplication, it can be tricky to develop the habit of reapplying sunscreen.After grabbing an effective SPF, it is crucial to carry a portable sunscreen with you at all times. Try leaving a small bottle in your purse or perhaps make a sticky note to remember. From there, set alarms or reminders for reapplication on your phone if needed.

This is where lumasol comes in handy. Not only does lumasol change colors when UV rays are detected, but the compact bottle is portable, adhesive, and refillable. You can attach the sleek machine to your wallet or even slip it into your on the go bag. After a while, sunscreen reapplication will become second nature to you!

Oh, well look at that... it seems like it’s nearing reapplication time! So what are you waiting for? Prevent aging and get your mist on at lumasol.

Importance of wearing sunscreen

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To wrap it all up, sunscreen reapplication is necessary to keep your skin youthful, radiant, and free from premature aging. That’s why knowing the tips and tricks within this article of when and how to reapply can be a life saver.

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